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August 31, 2023

September – Arthritis : A Term for Many Disorders

Arthritis is a general term for several chronic and painful joint disorders. It affects people in different ways, depending on the type. The two most common forms are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) affects about 1% of the... read more
Regular exercise is vital for maintaining overall health and fitness
August 8, 2023

August 2023 – Nutrition and Fitness

What to Eat Before, During, and After a Workout Everybody knows that you need to eat the right things if you want to stay healthy and fit. But what are the “right things”? What does your body need in order... read more
Protect your skin from the summer sun.
July 3, 2023

July – Sun Care and Healthy Skin

Heat rash Identify it: Expose human skin to hot weather and heat rash is always a possibility. Heat rash happens when sweat ducts become blocked. Sweat can get blocked in several ways – by clothes that don’t let the skin... read more
Men's Health
June 1, 2023

June 2023 – Men’s Health and Headaches

Under pressure: facing up to stress You and Jack Bauer have something in common. Okay, admittedly, you’ll probably never be called upon to stop a nuclear bomb, rescue kidnapped family members, infiltrate a drug cartel, or fake your own death,... read more
May 2, 2023

May 2023 – Heart Health

Heart disease is the leading killer of Canadians. There are some risk factors you can’t change, such as family history, age, and race. However, there are many important risk factors that you can work on: high blood pressure, high cholesterol,... read more
Vaccines aren't just for kids. Adults need vaccines too.
April 3, 2023

April – Adult Vaccinations and Oral Care

Picking the Right Vaccination for Specific Adult Populations Even in adulthood, it’s important to be up to date on your vaccines to help avoid illness from vaccine-preventable diseases. Among adults, seniors and pregnant women, as well as people with certain... read more
Happy Man with his grandchildren
February 2, 2023

February – Heart Health

The Skinny on Cholesterol   Cholesterol is a fat-based substance found in the bloodstream and the body’s cells. Cholesterol is essential for good health: it builds and repairs cells, protects nerve fibres, and is used to produce certain hormones and... read more
woman sitting on floor and stretching to touch her toes
January 2, 2023

January – Healthy Living

Home Gym on a Shoe-String You don’t need to break the bank to break a sweat. If you are on a budget, follow these simple steps for an effective workout at home. Cardiovascular activity Cardio exercises help you lose weight,... read more
Destress over the holidays
November 30, 2022

December – Happy Healthy Holidays!

Stay stress-free this holiday season Stress piles up around the holidays. What should be a time of peace, joy, and giving can become a time of hurrying, rushing, and worrying. It’s important to find a way to balance holiday stress... read more
Stay active with diabetes
November 1, 2022

November – Diabetes

Oral Care with Diabetes People with diabetes are more at risk of oral disease than people without diabetes. If you have diabetes, it’s important to maintain good oral care to reduce your risk of mouth problems such as gingivitis. Common... read more
elderly woman wearing a woollen hat and sunglasses showing a double victory sign
October 4, 2022

October – Cold & Flu

Why do I need a flu shot if it doesn’t protect me from COVID-19 While the flu shot won’t protect you from COVID-19, it’s important to protect yourself from influenza to avoid what’s been called a “twindemic” (overlapping pandemics of... read more
Women & girl lying on ground& smiling
September 2, 2022

September 2022 – Arthritis: A Term for Many Disorders

Arthritis is a general term for several chronic and painful joint disorders. It affects people in different ways, depending on the type. The two most common forms are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) affects about 1% of the population. People of any age... read more
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