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When is the best time to start the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol?

ideal Protein

When is the best time to start the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol?

May 1, 2018

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol – When is the Best Time to Start?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked.

The short answer is – now, immediately, right away and don’t waste another minute.

Everyone who does the protocol all say the same thing afterwards – “I wish I would have done this years/months/weeks earlier”.

When our clients initially ask us this question we always tell them that they should begin right away. Many claim that now just isn’t a good time, “I am just too busy”. “I have events coming up, vacation, holiday, birthday, anniversary, social events, retirement party, Thursday is chicken wing night” etc etc.

The truth is there is no good time to start. On the flip side however, there also isn’t a bad time to start. There is just time.

If someone is about to go on vacation for a week we would suggest they start as soon as they get back.  Everything else is just life and if we use those things as an excuse to not lose weight and get healthy then we are just not ready to begin this protocol.  This is a strict weight loss protocol that works for everyone if they are 100% compliant but you have to want to do it for yourself and your future health.

Does it take sacrifice to do this? Yes.

We are purposely unbalancing your diet so that you can safely lose fat mass while protecting muscle mass. So many things that you may be used to eating have to be put aside while doing the protocol. However through good planning, organization and weekly coaching it can easily be done, even while living “life”.

Is it worth it?


If you have any questions about our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol please feel free to contact us and our coaches will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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